Web Design Manchester

We make functional websites! WebProjectUK is a all round Manchester based Web Design and Development agency. Your website will be designed and developed in Manchester by experienced business people who will develop your site from start to finish. This mean your site will never be touched by so called GEEKS who don't undertand the world of business. We believe a site which looks great and does not produce results is a waste of money. Each and every website site we design and develop will have you customers in mind. We will research your market, look at your business day to day activities and produce a project plan to meet your requirements. It's simple as that!

Search Engine Optimisation Manchester

Without search engine optimisation your site will be lost in the world of internet. Your site needs to be treated like any other business. If you don't spend time and effort into ensuring your customers can find you then your site is unlikely to be successful therefore search engine optimisation is very important. Our job is to ensure your site meets search engine standards and uses quality content to gain maximum visibility through the use of search engine optimisation. Web Project UK will not promise you 1st Page ranking on Google unlike some SCAM search engine optimisation companies who do so. It's impossible to guarantee such results. However, we will promise to provide you with the best possible chance of achieving your goals through experience of search engine optimisation.

Internet Marketing Manchester

You name it we do it however our most popular services are Google Pay Per Click (AdWords) and Facebook Marketing management. Both provide excellent and fast responses with minimum investment. Google AdWords is one of the most popular methods of advertising new and existing services and products. Facebook marketing can be tailored to provide target marketing from age groups to specific hobbies. We manage and plan your marketing campaign to ensure you gain maximum exposure for your allocated budget. All you have to do is deal with the higher demand for your products or services.

PC Repairs Manchester

This service was introduced in 2011 due to high demand from our clients for quality low cost computer repair and maintenance. In today's world computers play a big part in the success of most businesses and should be considered as the most important tool you have. Therefore, when things go wrong the whole operation can come to a sudden stop resulting in lost income or time. WebProjectUK understands this and for this reason we have decided to offer home and business mobile computer repair and maintenance.
Thank you one of our experienced consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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