How To Make Success Of Your Facebook Ads

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Social Media is all around us and Facebook is one of these platforms which many businesses as still ignoring in 2017. It’s hard to understand why when Facebook attracts almost every type of human on plant earth.

Ok, I will admit I was in doubt when Facebook announced it was going to start allowing marketers to place ads in front of it’s users. The main reason behind my initial negativity was that fact Facebook is a social network.

It’s a bit like going into a bar on Friday night and trying to sell Double Glazing to a group friends. It sounds daft doesn’t it and highly unlikely to produce any reliable results.

Fast forward 5 years, and I have a very different view of how social media users view marketing messages. It’s opened my eyes to the new marketing world and how we as marketers send out message to our potential consumers.

It’s for this reason so many Facebooks Ads fail. It’s not because Facebook Ads don’t work but it’s down to your lack of your knowledge and understanding of Facebook users.

It’s taken me months to crack Facebook Ads and start profiting from them. I have tried hundreds of different methods for my own businesses as well as my clients. Many of them failed but once I cracked the code I could not believe how simple it actually is.

Facebook is like a big bar full of users with so many different views, ideas and needs. What makes Facebook Ads so interesting if the fact you can target almost any type of user from Self-employed to Singles. On top of targeting interests you can target specific locations even as specific as one single area of a city.

So, where have you been going wrong with Facebook Ads?

I can’t speak for your personally as I have not had a chance to review your Facebook Ads account. However, I can speak from experience.

Most of the reviews I have carried out have the same issues. The ads are focused on selling and telling the views how great the company is. However, it’s does not take into the account you are interpreting a group of friends enjoying each others company.

For you to take a person from this group the message and the advert have to have something of great value and interest. Hence why headline such as ‘You would not believe what happened next’ or ‘How I cheated Death’ became so popular on Facebook and many other social media platform.

However, I don’t support any of the above headlines, or anything similar. I don’t believe this was the best marketing on the other hand it did work. Thankfully Facebook have addressed this issue and such adverts will receive much lower viability moving forward. 

So, what can you offer that is so enticing and interesting to your consumers?

This all depends on your business model as well as the products or services you offer. For example if you are in the Wedding Chair Cover business – you can offer Free sample of your chair cover in exchange for clients email and address. If you are a restaurant you can offer latest healthy recipes for your kitchen in return for potential customers email address.
Building your email list is one of the most important assets your business can own. This is one asset no one can take away from you and if you build your list correctly than your business will grown year on year.

Facebook Ads can also be used to drive instant traffic to your Restaurant or Shop. You must see the people stood at the bus stop, walking down the street, sat on the bench in the park all glued to their smartphones. What do you think they are looking at? 

Most likely Facebook.

Checking on their friends activities. Now imagine if you could insert your ad at that moment in time with your very enticing offer which is only few meters away. What other advertising platform can you think off which has this capability?

I can think of billboards, shop window ads, bus stop advertisements and the list goes on. However, one thing which makes Facebook Ads so different is – the speed at which you can get your marketing message out. On top of this the message can be changed within minutes! No other marketing platform offers this!

If you want to make success of your Facebook marketing than you need to start understanding how their users react to marketing message. Cracking this for your business, and upscaling it can create a new stream of customers for little money. 

Should you be advertising on Facebook?

If you want to be left behind than no.

However, if you want to be ahead of your competition, and stay ahead of the pack than YES you should be. I can’t think of a business which would not benefit of advertising on Facebook. Even if it’s just posting on your Facebook Business Page daily – which I have to add is totally FREE. 

Where do you start?

You can choose the hard road and start reading books, blogs and watching Youtube videos as well as wasting your money on the learning curve.
The other option is much easier.
You hire a Social Media Consultants from Manchester – which is myself. I have already done all of the above. I have learned the hard way, made my own losses so, I can try and minimise yours.
It’s your decision and I totally understand that not every business has the budget to hire me.
If you are a forward thinker, and want your business to excel in 2017 than please complete the form below and I will be in touch to arrange our initial consultation.

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