The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make On Social Media
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06 – The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make On Social Media

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06: Grow Your Business podcast from WebProjectUK! Broadcasting directly from the digital powerhouse city of Manchester. Today I am going to share with you The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make On Social Media


Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the sixth episode of Grow Your Business podcast brought to you by Manchester based

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to this podcast! As always I am honoured.

Today I want to talk about The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make On Social Media

I love restaurants! Hence why I dedicate so much of my time helping restaurant owners grow their businesses through digital marketing and problem solving.

However, I do run into so many problems when trying to express my passion to restaurant owners about Social Media Marketing. Many restaurant owners have fallen victim to negative social media reviews. As well as negative reviews many have not been able to measure the return on investment when it comes to social media marketing.

Therefore, most of the restaurant owners I speak to have a negative view of social media and try to avoid it all together.

So, why does this happen?

I can go straight to the point and say it’s not because social media marketing does not work. In fact social media marketing for restaurants works really well if done correctly. This means the reason restaurant owners have fallen out of love with social media is because they are making mistakes!

These mistakes result in lack of Facebook page likes, engagement, visibility and no return on investment. Combine all these problems into one and no business owner would want to continue investing time or money into something which, does not turn into profit at the end of the day.

I totally understand this and it’s for this reason, I have decided to do this Podcast to help you fall back in love with social media and start getting the rewards your restaurant needs.

Today I will cover 5 common mistakes most restaurant owners make on social media.

Mistake 1: No Consistency

You have too much time on your hands today. You have only few tables booked as it’s middle of the week. So, you decide to venture onto Facebook and make a post about your latest dish. The following day, your restaurant gets fully booked. You as the restaurant owner, no longer have the time to spend crafting new social media posts. So, for the next few weeks you are rushed of your feet. You have so much on your hands that you have totally forgot about your restaurants social media profiles.

Few weeks down the line, things slack off again. Once again you have few hours to spare. So, you head over to your Facebook Page. You are surprised that it’s been over 3 weeks since your last Facebook post. Also you notice 2 new negative reviews but no positive reviews.

You get angry. Life is not fair! You and your team have worked so hard to keep everyone happy. Yet, these two have found your service below standard. In the heath of the moment, you start writing the replies to the negative reviews.

The reply you are about to post will not have a good reflection on your business. You are not in the right frame of mind!

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry it’s OK! It’s normal!

But, you are about to make the biggest mistake for your business!

So let’s step back and review the situation and find the best solution to move your business forward.

First, you didn’t have the time to make more posts on your Facebook Page. This would NOT have a good impact on your overall image. In order to get the best out of social media you need to post regularly.

However you should not just focus on posts about your business. Remember, social media is for socialising! Therefore, you need to keep your customers in mind at all times. Create your posts to offer value. Talk about your local area! Mention local events, as well as other non competing businesses. I am not a big fun of discounts but if you do offer them, then make sure you share this on your social media profiles from time to time.

Educate your followers with latest healthy meals, share pictures of your kitchen and latest recipe’s and so on. But whatever you do it has to be done consistently!

Now let’s go back to the 2 negative reviews.

You can’t take them personally. I know you and your team have worked very hard to provide the best dining experience possible. So, don’t worry! Everyone will get a negative review at some point.

The best way to deal with negative reviews is to show you care. Offer a professional response by thanking the reviewer for their review. Tell them how you will improve and offer them to come back to your restaurant to experience these improvements.

It’s also important to actually note down the problems raised by the negative review in order to try and fix them. Ok, sometimes you will have nothing to fix! But to be honest in most cases you will!

Look at the negative reviews, as a valuable feedback and honest feedback where your restaurant business might be going wrong.

Mistake 2: Poor Image Quality

I see too many restaurant images which are below standard! Today you have access to so many cheap quality cameras and phones. For example Samsung S7 and S8 offer exceptional image quality. However, if you want to take this a step further invest in a Canon 5d Mark III. This is a awesome camera and with a good flash your images will look top notch.

Image quality on social media posts is very important. I say this because Social Media is all about visual experience therefore, if you want to stand out you really need to step up your game.

Mistake 3: Social media is just a waste of my time!

No it’s not! You are just not using is correctly! When was the last time you asked your customer how they found you? Do you have any call to action on your social media posts? If so how do you track them? Chances are you don’t!

So, it’s very hard to say Social Media Does Not Work For Me!

Like with any marketing in order to get the best results you need to track them! But most restaurant owners don’t have the facilities or the experience in doing this day in day out.

Also you need to note that not all marketing is about instant reward. Marketing is also used to increase your brand awareness’s.

I am sure you will know that opening a restaurant it’s the easy part. However, keeping the restaurant profitable is the hardest part.

Why do you think this might be the case?

I will cover the reasons in another podcast as I am already over my time in this one.

Mistake 4: You Are Not Using Paid Advertising

Remember when you started your Facebook Page and invited lots of your friends and family to like it? I am sure they all did but will they turn to regular paid diners? Chances are probably not!

The next question is – over the last few years has your Facebook page likes increased?

The chances are you have gained few more pages likes! But nothing too dramatic. In fact you are probably 100 to 200 likes up. Does this sound about right?

The reason behind this is because you have not created a social media marketing plan! In order to increase your Facebook Page likes you need to dedicate time and money!

To speed up this process you should be using paid advertising via social media platform to gain more exposure.

Mistake 5: My Restaurant is Doing OK, I don’t Need More Diners!

Let me put it this way! You always need new customers. Customers move, customers pass away, customers decide to go elsewhere and the list goes on. Why do you think big brands such as Coca Cola spend so much money on marketing.

We have all heard of Coca Cola!

The main reason why they still spend millions on marketing is because they need to keep ahead of the competition. As well as this they need to hook the new generations.. It’s a life cycle of any business.

If you are not looking to attract new diners then I am sorry to say but somewhere down the line things might go in the wrong direction for you.

Social Media is around to stay! You can either ignore it and get left behind or embrace it and take advantage of what it has to offer for us as business owners.

That is me done for today..

If you would like to have a chat with me about Marketing your restaurant business in 2018 please ring me on: 0161 505 0570 or you can email me at

In tomorrows podcast I am going to talk about How To Use Google Adwords To Grow Your Local Services Business

I hope you can make it.

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