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Everything you need to know about our commercial photography services and how commercial photography can help your business grow.

Brought to you by Manchester based WebProjectUK and Admir Rusidovic with 6 years experience in photography and digital marketing.

The principle behind our commercial photography services

Commercial photography is applied to many different business related activities. For example in adverts, products, team portraits or headshots, to showcase business premises and so on. In short commercial photography is essential to any business.

In most cases commercial photography is used for some form of advertising direct or in-direct. It's a known fact that photography can make or break your marketing campaign be it on or offline. Therefore, rather than relying on common stock photos the most successful businesses today are turning to professional photographers for help.

Professional photography will play a big part in your brands visual story and who you are as a company. Marketing is all about communicating your companies values. Having access to commercial photographer will help you create messages for your business that will set your company apart from the rest.

However, most importantly it's used to make money for the client long after the first payment has been made. Hence why we have invested in training and equipment to provide commercial photography to our clients.

How can you apply our commercial photography services to your business?

This depends on your type of business model and what problems your business solves for it clients or customers. As I don't know your business, I will explain the most common services we provide.

Product Photography

If you sell products online, or feature your products in your traditional or digital marketing then you will require a commercial photographer or training. If you resell mass produced products chances are you have access to the suppliers stock images. However, I strongly discourage our clients to use these images as you will find it hard to distinguish your company from your competition.

I understand that if you have 1000s of different lines it might not be possible to photograph each product. If this is the case then I suggest you select your best selling products and hire a commercial product photographer in order distinguish your company from your competitors. A little twist like this can make a huge difference to your bottom line and customer or client loyalty.

Our commercial product photography service is mainly used by clients who own their own brands. For example one of our clients is a Manchester based brand Bego Sports who is a importer and designer of high end fishing tackle holdalls. We work closely with the company on their commercial photography requirements and combine this service with their digital marketing.

Commercial Restaurant Photography

It's never been more important to stand out from the crowd and photography is one of the ways to achieve this. We work with a number of different successful restaurants based in Manchester and Wilmslow. Each of our restaurant clients understands the importance of using professional photography to showcase their food as well as restaurant interior.

With so many restaurants in Manchester and Wilmslow competing for consumers attention it's not easy to get noticed. This is why we are constantly developing our knowledge and experience to do just that for our restaurant clients.

One of these methods is commercial restaurant photography where we look for special and unique restaurant features to showcase using photos. These photos are then used in various marketing materials including but not limited to social media platforms, websites, leaflets and so on.

The same photography principles can be applied to food which we often do for our restaurant clients. For example we visit certain restaurant clients regularly to photograph weekly or chef specials. This helps us create quality social media content to engage and excite their followers.

Corporate headshots and team group photos

First impressions will always be important! Even more so today as we conduct so many of our first interactions online. This has resulted in a rise of virtual branding which is as important as the good old firm handshake.

The people behind your company are the most important asset to your business. Also it's a well known fact that people buy from people. Therefore, it's our job to make your first photographic impression one that will excite others right from the start. By combining our corporate headshots and team group photos with your unique credentials then you will set your company apart from everyone else in your industry.

Final word on our commercial photography services

We have not combined our digital marketing services with commercial photography services just for the sake it. The introduction of commercial photography service was a direct results of our clients needs. Almost every client we taken or work with will require some form of photography.

As a company we have been evolving since 2001 in order to stay on top of current trends. By doing so we can ensure our clients get the best solutions to their problem in the most cost effective way.

You can access our commercial photography services even if you are not a current client.

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