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Everything you need to know about our professional video production services and how you can use video marketing to grow your business.

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Why is video important to your business?

The digital world is changing once again! Prior to 2001 your business didn't need a website. Now it's essential for almost any business. Prior to 2005 we didn't put too much effort into producing quality digital content. Today, content is king! Prior to 2007 we thought social media was just a kids game. Now, social media platforms are one of the best marketing channels available to us.

Prior to 2015 video marketing was not that important to your business. Today and moving forward video content will become essential part of your business marketing strategy. Do you get the picture?

However, let's look on the bright side of life, as it's never been easier to distribute and produce video content as it is today.

If you are not currently using video for marketing purposes or don't believe that video marketing is effective, now is the time to shift your thinking. Video is ideal format to quickly grab attention of your busy audience.

Once upon a time video could only be viewed on a laptop or desktop machine connected to a high speed internet connection. This is no longer the case! Me and you can now view HD videos on our smartphones while sat at the bus stop. As well as this 80% of Google searches are now conducted via a mobile phone.

Most recent research carried out by Tubular Insights in January 2017 found that 46% of consumers made a purchase after watching a branded social media video. What is even more interesting is that 67% said that they watch more video today than they did a year ago.

Are you ready to be left behind or are you ready to ride the video marketing wave to rocket your business?

What can we do for your business when it comes to video production?

#1 Brand awareness using video

We can script, plan and execute a video which will aim establish your brand. This type of video content is specifically designed to raise awareness of your who are and what you do.

#2 Explainer videos

Product explainer videos can be applied to almost any product or service. Working along side your team we can combine our knowledge with yours, to produce video content which will explain your specific products or services in great detail.

#3 Shorter Social Media Friendly Videos

We have seen a massive rise in requests for shorter social media friendly videos in 2017. Social media videos can range from few seconds to few minutes. The main aim of these videos is to engage with your social media audience. They are normally produced in bursts of 5 to 10 videos in one session.

#4 Video Production Training

If you have resources within your company to create, produce and distribute video content but don't have the experience, than this training is all you need. We can create be-spoke video production and marketing training for your team.

The reason we offer be-spoke video production training is because every team has different set of skills. It's our job to speak to your team and find their weakness in order create a training course to fill these gaps.

When it comes to video production we can take care of everything! From first concept and scripts all the way through to filming, graphics, editing, voice-over and music.

What do you need to know about our Director and Producer?

Well, Vedad is just awesome! From a very young age he has been writing and producing videos. In 2015 he played a massive part in directing and writing 'Brother's Day' film which took over 5 years to complete.

Brother's Day plot summary credit to IMDB: 'Chris feels the Manchester's underworld of crime has taken his brother Ryan away from his side. When everything goes wrong with Ryan's latest deal, Chris will have to learn by himself that the decisions his brother made for him are not as easy as he thought.'

The film went on to be featured in local Manchester Cinemas and the DVD version was sold nationally through HMV and Amazon.

Final word on our Video Production services

We are different to other video production companies! Our combination of skills and experiences is very unique as it's not just based around video production. We can assemble a team that will not only produce great video content but also have extensive business experience. This combination is invaluable to your success.

Your next step is to complete the form below to arrange a 30 minute consultation with Vedad Rusidovic. During the consultation he will asses your needs and provide honest solutions to your video production ideas.

Remember my first 30 minute consultation with you is totally free of charge and without any obligation.

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