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We implement the same content marketing strategies we preach to you, in order to drive more leads into our business WebProjectUK.

What is content marketing?

Creation and distribution of content such as articles, videos, info graphics, guides and other online materials. The purpose of content marketing is to attract targeted visitors and ultimately gain more paying clients or customers. That is the most simplest definition and might not mean a lot to you if you are just starting out.

The term is fairly new to us and has only really become common knowledge over the last few years.

However, the practice of content marketing has been around for over 100 years believe it or not.

One of the first examples of such marketing dates back to 1895, when John Deere began distributing a magazine called ‘The Furrow to its customers’. Only few years later, 1904, Jell-O distributed a free recipe book to customers. This resulted in over a million dollars in sales for the company.

For you the most important thing to know is that content is key to your business success. However, it’s important to understand that content is not a promotional channel, but used to push wider audiences into your sales funnels.

Content Marketing

Producing quality content which targets your perfect customers is the best way to grow your business organically.

Video Content

In 2017 your business should not only focus on written content but also on video.


Podcast is the new radio for busy people. Much easier to consume and very cheap to produce.

Social Media

Sharing your content on social media helps you find new customers and build brand awareness.
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For example you have a company with a modern and very functional website that sells products or services.

However, you are still just another company without any character. I am sorry to say this but it’s a fact.

Look at it this way: what is the appeal for anyone to buy from you or hire you? How do they know you have their best interest at heart and are not trying to scam them out of their hard earned cash?

The answer to your question is content. Now, let me put this into face to face contact. I walk into your shop. Instantly I can see how your salesperson is dressed, I can see your products on the shelf and I can see the layout of your shop. If I like what I see, then I will be happy to speak to your salesperson further to establish if your business can solve my problem.

We are all in business to solve problems for our customers or clients. This is a important fact to note down in your notepad especially when it comes to marketing. By interacting with your salesperson I will be able to ask questions which will help me decide if we can do business together. Ultimately it’s your salespersons knowledge, and experience that will push me over the paying line. This builds trust, loyalty and leads to a purchase.

The reason, I approached your company in the first place is because, I didn’t have the knowledge to solve my problem. Therefore, I needed your experience and knowledge to do this.

However, you can’t achieve this same level of service online at this moment in time! This is a important phrase ‘at this moment in time’ as with new chatter bots being developed recently. It will not be long before this level of service will be achievable online through automation. Either way content marketing is highly unlikely to go away any time soon.

Over the last few years customers and clients alike are relying less and less on salespeople to provide them with solutions to their problems. They are now turning to google with questions such as ‘How to’, ‘Where to buy’, ‘What is the best’, ‘Most economical car’ and the list goes on.

As you can see consumers are using google to find educational content to help them solve their problems. Therefore, when they come into contact with you salesperson they are already educated on what they need to solve that problem.

Your salesperson and their knowledge now belongs on your website. By educating potential customers you are building trust and you build relationships that are just irreplaceable.

Content marketing does not just stop at educating your potential customers or clients, but also drives inbound leads and sales.

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Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

How does content marketing connect with inbound marketing?

I am sure you already know that Inbound marketing is a process of attracting the attention of your prospects without interrupting them. So, how can you achieve this?

Think back to how you came onto this page and started reading this article. Chances are you would have come across WebProjectUK or me Admir Rusidovic via some of our content online. As I said before we use the same marketing methods we preach to you for our business.

Therefore inbound marketing works best when connected with content creation which targets prospects before they are even ready to buy. It’s without doubt one of the best and most cost effective ways to convert cold leads into paying ones for your business.

Will content marketing work for my business?

It’s hard for me to answer this question in details as I don’t know anything about your business. However, what I do know is that I am yet to come across a business which does not require content marketing.

This method of marketing works for almost any business. It makes no difference if you have a offline or online business. More and more consumers are using the internet to find solutions to their problems. If you are not around to help them – then your competition will be. It’s simple as that.

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I have personally been involved with content marketing since 2001. One of my most successful websites in the early 2000’s was North East Fishing. The site attracted 10000s of visitors each month and majority of this success came through my content and viral marketing.

Over the years WebProjectUK and I have constantly worked on developing internal knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the best possible content marketing strategies.

We understand every business is different and for this reason we approach each challenge individually.

The best place to start is to have a 30 minute free obligation consultation with me.

During this consultation I will discover where your business is at this moment in time. As well as the size of your business and what you can achieve within your allocated budget. I would provide you with my honest opinions and if I feel I can’t help then I will tell you.

Due to the quality of our work and dedication to growing our clients businesses we only accept new clients from time to time. Therefore, it’s important that you complete the form below as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out on getting the best help available to you.

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