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My name is Admir, I am a Search Engine Optimisation Expert based in Manchester with relevant and proven experience to drive your business forward.

You found this page, which means WebProjectUK is doing something right. Let me get straight to the point so I can help you achieve the same results.

Are you looking for more sales or leads via your website?

Actually, do I really need to ask this question? Probably not as I am sure you want the best for your business! You want to grow your business by driving more FREE traffic and improving your ROI (Return on Investment).

If we are on the same page please keep reading – if not than SEO Manchester is probably not for you and it might be time to look elsewhere.

You still with me?

Great, let's get some help your way. You might have already tried another company for Search Engine Optimisation. Maybe you have ventured a little further a filed and tried a company from Europe or Asia.

However, the results just didn't come through. You waited, and waited, paid more and more but could not see any results.

I know the feeling, we have all been in this situation as some point through our business careers. This is where I, Admir and WebprojectUK come into.

Let me tell you my story

I started my marketing career back in 2000 working for a small marketing agency in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This was the period of slow internet, modems which made silly noises and websites made out of sliced images.

Yes, I got the T-Shirt.

Following this I ventured into various businesses both online and offline. So, you could say I know a thing or two about marketing and return on investment.

Now I focus on helping businesses grow through my own experiences and hence why I decided to venuture into organic search engine optimisation. To be honest, I decided to challenge the keyword SEO Manchester just because a competitor annoyed me. Basically they said it was a hard key word to take on.

You say that to me, and bang I am off to outclass you. Well, I was not wrong.

As you can see I have the drive to be the best, and this passion is also passed to my clients and their businesses. I work to achieve results, and I don't like failing. This mentality comes from playing football and studying Alex Ferguson.

What will you get from me!

SEO has a bad name! It's for this reason I have a honest and professional approach to digital marketing. I want to achieve total makeover when it comes to outsider view on Seach Engine Optimisation. Maybe you already know this but it's always worth clearing up for others who are starting out.

I only use White Hat methods to improve organic search engine results. By White Hat I mean methods which Google likes and gives you hugs for each day. I don't believe in fast short term results – as they almost always backfire.

If someone offers you guaranteed Google rankings please walk away! I have been long enough in this game to know this is not possible! If you still think it might be – let me ask you this question.

If you could achieve guaranteed results why would big multi million companies not be using this tactic? Because, it just can't be done!

If I was to take your business on to help you achieve higher organic rankings than I would be honest with you what is possible and what is not. We would set out targets, and strategic SEO plan to try and achieve what is best for your business moving forward.

SEO is a little bit like your business. It needs looking after and specialist effort put into it in order to grow successfully. The problem is like with most businesses owners – you just don't have the time, the knowledge, the experience to get these results. You are good at selling your products or services, but this is something which is just out of your area of expertise.

At the moment I have some great ideas to help your business grow via organic search engine results.

Arrange your consultation below to see if we can work together. It will cost you 10 seconds of your time, and nothing for my valuable 30 minutes.

Don't delay as I can only take on a limited number of clients so get the form completed and best of all you don't have to pay for anything for this.

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