Glossary of Digital Marketing Shortened Terms 

If you are new to Digital Marketing you will probably find it hard to understand some of the shortened terms used by marketers. So, we have compiled a full list of these terms and written a detailed description for each one in order to help you understand digital marketing a little bit more. 

BL – Backlink

CMS – Content Management System

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPM – Cost Per Mille

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

CTR – Click Through Rate

DMOZ – Mozilla Directory (no longer exists)

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

IBL – Inbound Link

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

LPO – Landing Page Optimisation

LSA – Latent semantic analysis

LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

OBL – Outbound Link

ODP – Open Directory Project

OWBL – One Way Backlink

PPA – Pay Per Action

PPC – Pay Per Click

PR – Page Rank but can also mean Press Release

RI – Regular Index

ROAS – Return On Advertising Spend

ROI – Return On Investment

RSS – Rich Site Summary sometimes it refers to Really Simple Syndication

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

SMM – Social Media Marketing

SMO – Social Media Optimisation

SWL – Site-Wide Link

UGC – User Generated Content

UX – User Experience

UXD – User Experience Design

XML – Extensible Markup Language