10 Steps Which Will Make Your Content Easier To Share

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As I a content writer for a number of different websites, I get very excited when someone shares my hard work.

However, the most important aspect of shared content is that it benefits our business in the long run. We now know that Google takes Social signals as one of many ranking factors. So, even though content shares don’t directly influence our business revenue they have many other factors which will help our business grow.

Statistics say around 2 million blog posts are published each and every single day. That is a lot of blog posts around the world so getting attention from readers is not actually that easy. We really have to spend time planning, creating and writing quality content in order to get noticed.

The good news is with just couple of content tweaks listed below you can get your content shared more easily.

1. Image is worth a thousand words

image is worth a thousand words

Fact: Facebook posts with a good image are 2.3 times more likely to get engagement than posts without image. This is a very important fact and one worth keeping in mind each and every time you publish any content.
If you really want to push the boat and head into advanced marketing than use images which are worth a thousand words. Top marketing companies produce images to incorporate part of their content.

Sounds too hard?

Not really. For example if you have a step by step guide – you can create 5 images to demonstrate each step. Following this you can merge all the images into one. It’s simple as that.

2. Quality content is the only way forward

Quality Content

I am sick of seeing talk about spun articles and so on. Forget it! If you don’t want to put the time in researching, planning, and writing your content then success will not follow.

It’s much wiser to product less content and invest more time in writing better quality articles. It’s much easier to attract readers with one piece of quality content than 10 bad ones.

You want to set high standards rather than leave a bad impression on your visitors.

Bad impression stick in peoples mind and you will find it harder to get them back.

3. Share plugins – do you have them?

Social Share Plugin

I know this is very basic and it’s more applicable to blogs. However, you will be surprised how many bloggers actually forget about the share buttons. If you want your content shared than you must have the share plugins enabled on each post.

Also it’s worth testing different types of plugins to try and get the best results.

4. Connect with other people in your content

Connect with other people in your content

As humans we are much stronger together than as individuals. So don’t be afraid to mention others in your blog. The last 12 months has seen a massive increase in marketing through influencers. I have no doubt this trend will continue to grow in the coming years.

It’s a new way to promote your business through people who have authority in your niche. Therefore, by mentioning authority figures in your content can make you look smarter and give your more credibility.

If you do decide to follow this advice than it’s important to notify the person in question via email. Many will be honoured and my return the favour!

5. Don’t write bad headlines

Don't Write Bad Headlines

I can’t stress how important the content headline is. How many times have you walked past a news shelf in your local shop and the headline caught the corner of your eye?

In most cases you would walk back, and even purchase the newspaper in order to find out more. The same applies to online marketing. Headlines are one of the most important factors when optimising your content click through rate.

You will only get few seconds to attract the reader to give you few more minutes out of their busy schedule. Therefore, you really need to invest time in writing awesome headlines.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask

Marketing Call To Action

Currently USA is voting and it’s probably the most aggressive presidential election of all time. I am no politician, and don’t really have any interest in politics. However, something Donald Trump said the other day caught my attention.

Show up early. You know, the lines are incredible. The polls are all saying we’re going to win Florida. Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it. Get out there and vote. Pretend we’re slightly behind. We don’t want to blow this, he said

Is this is a typical to call to action marketing?

Of course it is! Donald trump is using his marketing expertise.

I will once again mention I have no interest in politics, and NO interest in Donald Trump.

The point I am trying to make is – it makes no difference if your Donald Trump, or a small content writer in Manchester. The same marketing rules apply. Call to action is always important!

Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to share your content. Offer incentives, split test calls to action at different stages of the article.

7. Research Top Content

Research Top Content

Why recreate the wheel? If you know something is working well, model on it. I am not encouraging you to go and copy but get inspired by other content.

Watch our for trends as this gives you an idea the content in question is working. It’s what readers want so give them the information they crave.

The model content needs to be better and more in depth.

8. Post During Peak User Hours

Post During Peak Hours

Today’s news is yesterdays news. Timing of your posting can make a massive difference to the initial view count.

Therefore, posting during peak hours can greatly improve your chances of attracting more shares.

HubSpot have published a superb infographic: The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites [Infographic]

Using the above infographic information the ideal times are as follows:

  • 12 to 1pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • 3 to 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday
  • 1 to 4pm on Thursday and Friday

The times and days vary from country to country, and depending on the social platform targeted. So, it’s worth having a good look at the above infographic for more detailed break down.

9. Convert Text to Video

Text To Video For More Social Shares

Did you know that most shareable content includes multimedia?

Video is driving significantly higher shares on Facebook. Research shows that only since last August video shares on Facebook have doubled.

So it’s no wonder that top marketers are utilising Video as a way forward. Are you missing out?

You might think Video production is out of your reach. However, you would be very wrong to think this. The Videos you produce don’t have to be anything fancy they just need to be interesting and brief.

10. Value before sales pitch

Don't Always Sell - Give Value For Better Return

Don’t try and sell in very article you publish. If you want more shares you need to provide informative quality content. People are no interested in sharing sales letters.

Entertaining content is more likely to attract shares then one selling your product or service.

But I want more revenue?

Very true, but putting your business name in front of potential clients is more important. Therefore, the more social shares you gain the more exposure you attract. As well as exposure, you will also get in Google’s good books, and attract better search engine rankings.

More views, more exposure and better search engine rankings will lead to more revenue.

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