B2B Marketing – How To Market To Busy Manchester Business People

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We all know Manchester as a busy and expanding city which is also occupied by some of the best business brains in the country. If you are in the B2B market and looking to grow your business then you need access to these busy Manchester Business people.

It’s common knowledge that directors and sole proprietors in Manchester alone are bombarded with hundreds of emails each day. As well as hundreds of emails, Manchester business leaders also have a increasing responsibility to deal with social media marketing, usual meetings and daily workload.

It’s not uncommon for company owners to return back home after a very busy day, only to continue working in order to catch up with social media and reply to emails. It’s without doubt that Manchester business leaders are under pressure which results in stress. I am sure you know stress can bring out the worst in people. Therefore, business owners are no different and marketing to them when they are under pressure can backfire big time.

As marketers we can offer solutions which reduce the stress, workload, and improve performance. Therefore, I can’t stress enough the importance of pointing out these facts when approaching busy business people.

Just keep in mind that the individuals you are targeting are stressed and under pressure. However, if you can offer them a solution to their problem, then you will be welcomed with open arms.

My personal research has shown that almost half of all Manchester business people now use online content to make purchasing decision for their company. It’s much easier to read few pieces of content to compare the product or service they require then speaking directly to each individual company. 

It’s for this reason you should not undervalue your content marketing strategy.

However, with so much content online – how does one get notices by these busy business people or business buyers?

You need to start by building authority in your market

Without trust you will find it hard to get your points across. The busy business people will not value your content if they have no trust in you or your company.

How does one determine if the content is trustworthy?

First you need to demonstrate that you see everything from the readers point of view.

If you focus your content around you or your company. Then you will fail! You need to base your content marketing strategy around your target audience.

First determine your target audience – age, gender, location, find their problems and solve them through content. The more knowledge you share, the more trustworthy your content will look. I know you might think giving away your knowledge is kind of giving away your hard work and experience for free.

I totally understand this. However, I need to take you back to the first two paragraphs of this article. You are trying to reach out to busy business people of Manchester. They are too busy to try and copy your knowledge. They are looking for help to solve the problems they are facing at this moment in time.

The more you show how knowledgeable you are, the more trust you will build with your target audience.

Influencer Sharing

My personal experience has shown that if you get your content shared by influencers in your market sector then this can really boost your authority. I have personally been featured in a book as a result of my business knowledge.

I have also been featured in many different magazines including Angling Times, Angling Mail and Manchester Evening News to name few. As well as this, my work has also attracted links from BBC website in the past.

As a result of my knowledge, I have managed to raise my profile in both business and marketing sectors.

In order to be successful in content marketing you need to build relationships with influencers in your market. Follow and spy on them every single day. You need to find what they like, and how you can catch their attention.

Once you have the information you need about the influencer then it’s time to write a piece of content which will blow them away!

Final step – Content context if very important

How you form your content is crucial as it needs to full fill the needs of your target audience. So, you need to ask yourself this question: what do busy business people of Manchester want to learn about or solve in their business.

For example you might find that they want “10 Steps” or the “How To” type of content. My personal experience tells me that busy business people of Manchester are quick learners so something along the lines of 10 Steps To Successful Social Media Marketing can do wonders for them.

To Conclude
It’s time to crank up your content factory and start pumping out regular content. However, it’s important to research your content and write for your target audience. Remember it’s not about you or your company but about the reader. If you follow these simple steps, then busy business people of Manchester will start jumping on board your ship.

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