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01 – 3 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Digital Marketing

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01: Grow Your Business podcast from WebProjectUK! Broadcasting directly from the digital powerhouse city of Manchester. Today I am going to share with you 3 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Digital Marketing. 


Podcast Transcript

My first podcast for webprojectuk.com

This podcast has been in the pipeline for a very long long time. But I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and plan the whole process.

Just in case you have missed the introduction I better introduce myself:

My name is Admir – I am the Owner and founder of webprojectuk.com. I help businesses bridge the gap between the lucrative online and offline world.

But today I decided enough is enough! So, I rearranged my calender to find a slot and get this podcast started.

The first step was to decide on the podcast content. Which to be honest was very easy. I work in digital marketing and can’t stop talking about it. So, it would be silly to focus on anything else.

Digital marketing is going through a massive change at the moment. Facebook Ad revenue is growing, artificial intelligence is on us, Amazon has over 10 million Alexa’s in UK homes, offline advertising is flat lined, consumers behaviour is constantly changing, google is pushing for mobile friendly websites.

As you can so much is happening in the digital world that even I who reads so much still finds it hard to keep up.

My aim is to pass on my knowledge of the digital world so that you can implement the latest marketing strategies to your business and in return increase your revenue.

As well as digital marketing, I plan to bring you even more value by interviewing other successful Manchester based entrepreneurs.

I am a strong believer of sharing knowledge so that we all can learn from each other in order to build new connections and grow as a team.

So lets kick off this podcast with 3 facts you probably didn’t know about:

First Fact:

I visited the E-commerce show north last Thursday the 12th of October 2017 which was held at the Event City in Manchester. During my visit I spoke to Bing and was surprised to find out that BING now hold 25% of the UK search engine market share.

In 2014 bing only had 6% of the UK market share – so they have managed to take further 19% from Google and other search engines in just 3 years.

Bing have so many more plans for the future and they are the search engine to keep your eyes on.

If you use google adwords – then you can actually transfer your campaigns to bing from google with just few clicks. So, I highly recommend you give bing a try.

Second Fact:

America has the largest ad spend with estimated 190 billion dollars! I know not the biggest suprise. However, China and Japan combined spend over 115 billion dollars. So where does this leave UK?

Well in the 4th place with just 24 billion dollars.

If you are looking to export your services then USA, China and Japan could be a good bet.

Third and final tip of the day:

Are you using re-targeting for your business? If not then you should be!

As visitors who return to your website through re-marketing are 70% more likely to make a purchase. Why? Because they are already familiar with your brand, they already shown interest in what you have to offer and sometimes just need a little nudge to cross the line.

That is it for today..

I hope you have enjoyed listing to webprojectuk.com podcast and I look forward to seeing again tomorrow for Episode 2 where I will be sharing some of the Benefits of Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

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