How I Used One Facebook Ad To Fill A Local Restaurant In Chorlton
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08 – How I Used One Facebook Ad To Fill A Local Restaurant In Chorlton

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08: Grow Your Business podcast from WebProjectUK! Broadcasting directly from the digital powerhouse city of Manchester. Today I am going to share with you How I Used One Facebook Ad To Fill A Local Restaurant In Chorlton.


Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the eight episode of Grow Your Business podcast brought to you by Manchester based

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to this podcast! I know you are very busy with running your business. But I hope you will learn something new today which will help you push your business to the next level.

I personally listen to around 10 podcasts each day as I am always looking to expand my knowledge.

As well as podcasts, I read at least 3 books each week. The question I get asked all the time is: How do I fit all this into my busy schedule?

In fact it’s very simple – I try to stay organised at all times.

I listen to podcasts when I am driving, working on the computer, showering and even while watching TV. When it comes to books I have the same routine. In fact I have a range of books on my mobile phone. This gives me easy access to reading. For example I can read while eating my breakfast or lunch, before I go to sleep, on the train and the list goes on. If you use your time wisely everything is possible.

Anyway, let’s get on with show.

Today I want to share with you how I used one Facebook Ad to fill a local restaurant in Chorlton.

In fact this was only last summer. The owner of the restaurant approached me because they had just finished their outside terrace. Which was a new addition to the restaurant and the owner was very keen to promote the grand opening of the new terrace.

As always, I was very happy to help.

The first step was to decide on the actual opening date. Once the date was set in place I started my work on planning the marketing campaign. I have to say the marketing budget they had was on the low side. So, my options where limited to some extent.

This ruled out many of the traditional marketing strategies. So, I had to focus my attention on finding a marketing channel which would give us instant access to the local community, but without breaking the bank.

If you are a regular follower of the Grow Your Business podcast than you will know that I love social media marketing. By using social media platforms to market this event I will have access to both free and paid marketing strategies.

Once the decision was made to focus on social media, my next step was to carry out detailed marketing research and create a marketing campaign.

So, I turned to Facebook Ads for further help. I knew we wanted to target the local community. However, I had a slight problem as Facebook does not include Chorlton as one of it’s locations. This meant I could not use the radius as one of my targeting options.

But all was not lost.

In order to get around this problem I decided to target the main postcode areas within Chorlton. You can easily find the postcodes by searching in google for “area name and postcode”. In my case the postcodes I required included M21 0, M21 7, M21 8 and M21 9.

In order to get the estimated potential reach of my Facebook Ad ,I needed to enter the above postcodes into the Facebook’s location targeting section. Once done, I was given a potential reach of 41,000 people in Chorlton.

How cool is that?

What other platform can provide you such quick access to 41,000 people?

If you are to print 41,000 leaflets – how long would it take to have them delivered and distributed?
If you wanted to run a radio ad on your local radio station – how long would it take you to record the ad and have it playing on the radio?
If you wanted to put an ad in your local newspaper – how long would it take from design to print?

Speaking from experience. I can tell you it would take way longer than what it took me to get this Facebook Ad running.

Let’s move on..

Now, I have my potential reach, it was time to narrow the audience down even further. As, I didn’t want the Facebook Ad to be shown to everyone in the community. Why? Because, it would not appeal to certain age groups!

I say this because the restaurant caters mainly for couples, families and their customers are normally over the age of 25. So, it would be no point wasting our marketing budget on the 18 to 24 year olds.

Therefore, I changed my age group targeting from 18 – 65+ to 25 – 65+. By making this change our potential reach reduced from 41,000 to 34,000..

Still a very nice number.

The next step was to find out how many people we need to fill the outside terrace. Now, I can’t remember the exact number but I think it was in the region of 40 seats.

This meant that we only needed less than 1% (0.12%) Facebook users to respond to our advert. If we managed to achieve this target then the outside terrace would have it’s 40 seats full.

The advert was going to run for 10 days and would be shown at least 2 twice to each targeted Facebook user. Using the same Facebook Campaign – I created 2 different adverts.

The first advert was designed to promote the opening of the outside terrace and brand awareness. The second advert would only start once the first advert was shown to the entire targeted audience.

I had a very good reason behind my thinking. The first advert was used as a soft touch! The aim was to introduce the restaurant to the targeted audience for the first time. When creating adverts for social media platforms you always have to remember that people use them for socialising. Therefore, you never want to be too pushy.

Another point I should mention is that within the targeted audience we would have had users who have already visited the restaurant. Therefore, we needed them to like, share and engage in the advert through emotional connection. As they connect with the advert the new and potential customers will want to find out more about the restaurant.

It’s just our human nature and the power of social media marketing.

Once the ad was complete the second ad within the same campaign was automatically activated. The purpose of the second ad was to generate shares, follows and engagement.

In order to achieve this I used the old and tested competition marketing strategy. The restaurant would give away one free meal and a drink to a lucky winner.

The advert had to be very clear.

The first part of the advert focused on the competition and why the competition was taking place.

The second part of the advert focused on the new terrace and what benefits it will bring to the local community.

Now, this is where the fun starts.

Do you remember your school days? I am sure you do.

The reason, I asked this question is because we are all developed to follow steps. You start school, you go to lessons, you do your homework and the final step is the end of year exam. So, throughout our lives we have to follow tasks in order to get to our desired goal.

Even in this marketing campaign I have had to follow steps to get to this point.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because, we need steps to get to our desired goal. They make us feel comfortable.

Let me quickly go over what I have covered so far.

I found my target audience. We created the first advert to attract and create trust. The trust was created by the restaurants existing customer base within the targeted audience. Once the trust was created we pushed for the second advert, while the first advert was still fresh in the targeted audiences mind.

The next step was to create a 3 step action plan for our target audience to take action on.

Remember what I said earlier – in order to complete any task we have to follow steps.

So, I created a 3 step plan for the potential customers to take in order to have a chance of winning a free meal and drink.

The first step was to answer a very simple question – What do you call a cake with cheese and strawberries?

Within the advert I provided 3 different answers: a) Strawberry Cheesecake b) Banana Cheesecake c) Banana Strawberry Cake.

I asked the potential customers to place their answer in the comments as their first step into entering the competition. Following this I asked if they would be kind enough to share the post on their news feed. With the final step being: for them to return back to the restaurants Facebook page the night before the grand opening in order to see if they have won.

Now, this was a risky approach as they might forget to come back.

But, I did think about this before starting the marking campaign in the first place.

You see once the potential customer has completed the first step i.e. by placing their answer in the comments section of the advert. They will get Facebook notification each time someone comments on the post.

So, the night before the event I will comment on behalf of the restaurant to confirm the competition is now closed. As well as this, I will point the potential customers to where they can find the winner. However, I will not tag them as I want them to come to the restaurants Facebook event page.

That way I will have a good number of potential customers arriving to the restaurants Facebook page the night before the event. The aim: to remind them of the event and hand out the prize.

What was the end result: one unclaimed prize and 40 full seats for the majority of the day.

The end.

I hope you have enjoyed my Grow Your Business podcast and I that you have learnt something new today.

If you would like to have a chat with me about Marketing your Manchester based restaurant business please ring me on: 0161 505 0570 or you can email me at

In tomorrows podcast I am going to talk about How To Grow Your Facebook Page Followers For Free.

Now, this is going to be interesting as Facebook is not so keen on giving us free publicity. So, I will have to dig deep into my brain to provide you with some value.

I hope you will join me tomorrow.

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