How To Grow Your Facebook Page Followers For Free
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09 – How To Grow Your Facebook Page Followers For Free

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09: Grow Your Business podcast from WebProjectUK! Broadcasting directly from the digital powerhouse city of Manchester. Today I am going to share with you How To Grow Your Facebook Page Followers For Free


Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the night episode of Grow Your Business podcast brought to you by Manchester based

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to this podcast!

In today’s podcast I want share with you some valuable tips on How To Grow Your Facebook Page Followers For Free.

Before, I start I would like to say that I don’t create the topic ideas. They are created for me by my assistant who likes to test my marketing knowledge to the maximum.

The topics are created for the entire month and it’s my job to create the podcast based on that topic title. Each morning I will look at the topic for that day and generate my own content without doing any research.

I can do this because of my extensive knowledge of digital marketing.

However, generating free traffic via Facebook in 2018 is not going to be easy. But on the other hand it’s not impossible.

Facebook has made so many changes to it’s algorithms over the last few years. Each update is pushing businesses towards Facebook Ads. The organic reach via Facebook page is getting harder and harder to achieve.

Even though you can still get free traffic via Facebook it’s not going to be sustainable in the long term. So, please keep this in mind.

In order to help you increase your Facebook page likes via free traffic, I first need to explain what Facebook is trying to achieve.

Facebook wants to provide the best possible experience to it’s users. On the other hand they also have to impress their share holders. As with any business they need to generate revenue and majority of Facebook’s revenue comes via their Facebook’s Ads platform.

So, their approach to reducing our organic reach makes total sense.

But, it does not mean Facebook wants to stop us from reaching our followers free of charge. What they want is that we create outstanding posts which offer value to their users.

Facebook holds millions of different Facebook Pages which are also liked by millions of their users. Few years back you could make a post on your Facebook Page and 80% of your followers would see that post.

The main issue with this was that majority of the free posts didn’t offer any value to the Facebook users. As a result the users would either unfollow the Facebook page in question or stop using Facebook all together.

I am sure you will agree this is not so good for the overall image of Facebook platform.

Hence why they have started to tackle this problem. Facebook knows that any free post will not have the same thought process as the paid one.

I am sure you can relate this.

When we have to pay for advertising we think over it few times before signing it off. But when it’s free we are happy to keep testing and testing without worrying too much about the bottom line.

Therefore, Facebook decided enough is enough! If you want to reach your followers or other Facebook users you should be paying for it or invest more time and effort into your free posts.

This means that we now have to really think about each and every post we make on Facebook.

Now, that you understand how Facebook thinks, let’s now cover what you can do to tap into the Facebook’s organic traffic.

Step 1

You need to start creating posts which will attract likes, comments and shares.

When you post goes live, Facebook will share you post with 1% to 2% of your followers. For example if you have 10,000 likes on your page than only 100 to 200 will see your post.

You can view this as your test audience. If they don’t like, comment or share your post than Facebook will not look to increase your reach.

However, if your test audience starts reacting to your post than Facebook will say ‘hey’ our users like this post. So, we will increase it’s reach to another 3% to 4%. In order for the % to increase your audience needs to keep interacting with the post.

The organic reach will start to decline as soon as the engagement stops.

Step 2

In this step I want you to start taking notice of the Facebook groups.

You will find a Facebook group for almost any town, market, hobby and so on. You can view them as small communities full of your potential customers.

In order to get the best out of the each community you need to understand few simple rules.

1. Is never to spam the group
2. You need to offer ton of value before you start promoting your Facebook page
3. Treat each group as your free marketing tool

If you follow these simple rules, and find the correct Facebook groups to target your Facebook page likes will increase dramatically.

Step 4

Run regular competitions. This is the old and tested marketing method which still works today. But in order for this to work for your business you need to think it through. First, you need to understand who your customers are.

I say this because you don’t want to be giving away Iphones only to find out that majority of your new followers have no interest in what you are offering.

Therefore, your prize giveaway should only appeal to your ideal customers.

Step 4

Research other Facebook Pages that hold your ideal customers.

You can like the page using your own Facebook page id and not your personal one. The next step is to find posts on that page where you can add value. Also look for posts which have a number of different comments.

The next step is for you to comment on these posts but in some detail. Share your views, experiences, and offer advice. However, make sure you are commenting as your Facebook Page.

The idea behind this is that anyone reading your post will also look to find out more about your business by clicking on your Facebook Page id.

Step 5

This is a bonus tip so you will need to listen to the podcast to find out more. 

That is it for today.

As I always, I hope you have learnt something new.

In tomorrows episode of Grow Your Business podcast, I am going to share with you Why Your Personal Brand Is Important To Success of Your Business..

If you would like to have a chat with me about marketing your business please ring me on: 0161 505 0570 or you can email me at

I hope you will join me tomorrow.

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