Is Manchester Worthy of Becoming a Global Digital Leader?

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Digital world is changing day by day and so is the way in which we communicate with the world.

Businesses are having to develop totally new marketing strategies to deal with the ever evolving consumers. We live in the social era where children and adults are glued to Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.

So, it’s no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of this new digital revolution.

I was not born in Manchester but have spent good part of 20 years in the city.

Manchester Bomb
Image by: Manchester Evening News

I was in the city centre when the bomb went off in 1996.

manchester hacienda

I have danced my nights away in Hacienda and Piccadilly 21s.

I watched with excitement the development of Northern Quarter, New Islington and regeneration of the Old Cotton Mills into thriving business hubs over the last 9 years.

I love the fact Manchester has the two best teams in the country.

It’s for this reason, I have taken such interest in the development of Manchester over the last 20 years and especially the digital revolution.

So how did Manchester get mixed up into this Digital World?

Stones roses, Ian Brown once described Manchester in the best way possible:

“Manchester’s got everything except a beach.”

Who can argue that quote?

Digital revolution for Manchester started back in the 1948 when Manchester University built ‘The Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM), nicknamed Baby, was the world’s first stored-program computer.

Through the last 50+ years Manchester has developed on this digital revolution and as a result attracted attention from all around the world.

Manchester has also overseen the development of the Media City which is now occupied by some of the best creative, seo, marketing and digital companies across Europe. Not to mention our new resident BBC which left the highs of London to establish a new breathing ground in the North West.

In June this year Manchester City council approved £5.3 million fund to create new hub for digital and creative businesses at One Central Park in Manchester’s Central Park business park.

Tech Nation research shows, Manchester is the largest tech cluster outside London – with 51,901 employees in the sector. It also has the UK’s second highest GVA growth – 92% between 2010 and 2014 – while having a total digital turnover at £2.2bn, the fourth highest in the UK.

For more in depth information please read the article titled:  Is Manchester about to become a global digital leader? published by The Guardian.

So it’s without doubt that at this moment in time Manchester is making all the right noises in the digital world.

I am positive Manchester is worthy of the it’s Digital Success.

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