Why Facebook Reviews Are Important To Success Of Your Business
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13 – Why Facebook Reviews Are Important To Success Of Your Business

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13: Grow Your Business podcast from WebProjectUK! Broadcasting directly from the digital powerhouse city of Manchester. Today I am going to share with you my tips on Why Facebook Reviews Are Important To Success Of Your Business.


Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of Grow Your Business Podcast brought to you by Manchester based WebProjectUK.com.

In this podcast you are going to learn the importance of Facebook reviews for success of your business.

Oh, yes, today I am going to talk about the dreaded Facebook reviews.

I hear so much negativity about online reviews from business owners. However, not many see the benefits these reviews can bring to their business.

Yes, I have to agree that negative Facebook reviews are heartbreaking. Not a single business owners wakes up in the morning with an aim to upset their client or customer. So, when the negative review is posted it can really hurt us all.

Now, I am a great believer that negative reviews are your road to success. Let me explain my thought process.

Negative reviews are good for our businesses. But that is only true, if we look at them in the correct way. Negative reviews give you a chances to correct the problems before they get out of hand. Most reviews left are in fact a true reflection of the problems your business might be experiencing. So, it’s important to turn the negative reviews into a positive experience for your business.

Feedback from your customers is essential to the success of your business. Every business needs to focus on solving their customers or clients problems. One of the most successful companies of the modern era is Amazon.

Now, let me ask you this question. What is Amazon’s current USP?

I am sure you know the answer to this. But if you don’t let me tell you.

Amazon says they are “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”

But what does that mean?

I have a lot of experience working with Amazon and selling products on Amazon. So, I can tell you from first hand experience that Amazon’s customer service is by far the best I have seen. Hence why they are heading towards being the first trillion dollar company.

Amazon don’t get upset about negative reviews. In fact they thrive on them! Because these reviews provide them with the ability to correct problems within the company quickly and effectively. I can also assure you that Amazon takes every single negative review very seriously.

This same approach to customer support needs to be taken on by you and your business. It makes no difference if you own a local Manchester based restaurant, a off licence or a accounting firm. The same customer service principles should be applied.

So, when the negative review arrives – be happy! Stand up and say my customer or client actually cares enough about my company and wants to tell me where we need to improve. Don’t take it personally! Take note of the negative review and speak to your staff to see what can be done to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t feel this is a genuine problem! You still need to speak to your team in order to find out the full truth.

It’s also important to reply to every single negative review. However, you need to be polite and professional. I see way too many unprofessional replies! Such replies will not look good on your business.

The aim of your reply is to cancel out the negative review. You want your new or returning customers to see you care about your business and them. Most people understand that problems happen in any business.

Therefore, it’s important to tell the world you care about your customers, and that you will do your best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Never reply to negative Facebook reviews if you don’t have all the facts.

Again, this is another problem I see way too often. Please, please make sure you speak to your team and put yourself in your customers shoes! Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that your customers are your life line of your business.

Another point I should mention is that negatives reviews will travel much faster then the positive ones. This is just human nature. Hence why newspaper loves to bombard us with depressing news.

Now, it’s possible that the negative review is actually a fake review! It could be your competitor or just someone who wants to get a free product or service from your company. I call this “review blackmail” and it does actually happen.

But how do you deal with it?

The best place to start is to report the problem to Facebook and let them carry out their own investigations. I would not recommend you give into the reviewers demands in order to remove the feedback. I say this because, it can backfire! If they have done it once, then chances are they will be back.

With the negative reviews out of the way let’s look on the positive side.

In fact negative reviews only play a small part in the world of online reviews. Majority of your customers should be leaving positive reviews. If that is not the case then your business is in serious trouble!

As positive reviews outnumber the negative ones it’s very important to use your best customers as your brand ambassadors. In order to achieve this you need to develop a system within your business which will consistently produce positive reviews.. You can ask for reviews face to face, over the phone, via email or even by sending them a quick thank you note through the post.

To conclude today’s Grow Your Business podcast episode I would like to say.

Online and Facebook reviews are very important to success of your business and they are unlikely to disappear any time soon. Smart Insights say that 35% of buyers are less likely to buy from your business if you have no online reviews. Only 8% of buyers said that lack of online reviews made no difference to their buying decision.

So, it’s without doubt that Facebook Reviews play a very important part in the success of your business. Therefore, you need to make sure you have systems in places to deal with negative reviews, and to encourage positive reviews from your best customers.

I am always open for a chat with anyone who needs further advice on Digital Marketing – so please feel free to call me on: 0161 505 0570 or you can always email me: admir@webprojectuk.com

In tomorrows Grow Your Business Podcast I am going to share with you Why Social Media Is Important To Success Of Your Restaurant Business.

I hope you can make it.. See you tomorrow.

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